Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Sunday at My House

Hi there- Since I am a blogging maniac today, I decided to include just one more post to show you all what Sunday is like at my house this week.

This is our Basset Hound "the Amazing Grover":

Isn't he the cutest thing?!?!
He played and tortured his brothers all morning and now he won't move from the couch. Typical!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Crop Girls Class Samples for April 23rd: Springtime with Unity Stamps

Hi Everyone- So I just posted samples for my Stamp Works class (see below) and now it's time to give my west side friends some eye candy as well!!! These are the final card samples for my April 23rd class at Crop Girls in Peoria, AZ. Card 1-Butterfly Hope Card 2-Fun Flowers

Card 3-Thank You

Card 4-Just a Note

Card 5-Lemonade Delight

If you are interested in joining me in class on the 23rd, give the girls a call at 623-972-0600 to sign up. As usual, the class fee is $25 and if you are unable to join us that day, reserve a class kit. My kits come with all the cards cut and stamped for you with very detailed instructions for assembly and coloring.

Enjoy the samples!!

Happy Stamping!


Stamp WorksClass Samples for April 9th: Flourishes II - Kits or Waiting List Only

Hi Everyone!!

I have three samples (there will be 5 cards total)for my class this Saturday April 9th at Stamp Works that I am so excited to share with you. The class is full but you can still get on the waiting list OR get a fully cut and stamped kit with detailed instructions(only card assembly and coloring required). Just give Nic and Stamp Works a call at 480-899-5958 to reserve a kit now!!

Card 1-Thanks a Bunch!

Card 2-Flowers Feed the Soul

Card 3-All Things Grow with Love

Hope you enjoy the cards. Stay tuned for two more samples!!

Happy Stamping!

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